Terms of Reference (SSC)

  1. The Senior Student Committee will consist of the Senior Student and the Departmental Senior Students from the following departments/programmes:
    1. Business Administration (MBA);
    2. Civil Engineering;
    3. Chemical Engineering;
    4. Computer Science and Math;
    5. Defence Management and Policy (MA DMP);
    6. Electrical and Computer Engineering;
    7. Mechanical Engineering;
    8. Physics;
    9. War Studies;
    10. Undergraduate Degree Completion Programmes; and
    11. Applied Military Science.
  2. The Senior Student Committee will be chaired by the Senior Student and will meet at least four times per academic year, typically at the start and midpoint of the fall and winter academic semesters. The committee will discuss and address issues of a general academic, administrative or military nature pertaining to Postgraduate and degree completion students, to include the following:
    1. issues communicated by the CO Senior Students;
    2. concerns raised by Postgraduate and degree completion students;
    3. concerns brought to the attention of Departmental Senior Students by military or academic staff;
    4. the coordination of extra duties amongst the various departments and programmes;
    5. special events; and
    6. potential improvements to academic or administrative procedures pertaining to Postgraduate and Degree completion students.
  3. Minutes of the Senior Student Committee meetings will be kept and sent to the CO Senior Student for approval. Approved copies of the minutes will then be sent to the following addressees:
    1. Action Addressees:
      1. Senior Student; and
      2. Departmental Senior Students;
    2. Info Addressees:
      1. CO Senior Students;
      2. Dean Graduate Studies and Research;
      3. Heads of the departments/programmes listed in para 1; and,
      4. PG and degree completion program students (electronic copy).
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