Asa McKercher

Asa McKercher
BA, Ma, PhD
(613) 541-6000 ext 6248
(613) 536-4801
Department of History

College Address

Royal Military College of Canada
PO Box 17000, Station Forces
Kingston, Ontario, CANADA
K7K 7B4

University Degrees

  • PhD – University of Cambridge
  • MA – University of Ottawa
  • BA – University of Ottawa

Research Interests

  • North American Political History
  • Canadian International History
  • The United States and the World
  • The Cold War
  • International Human Rights

Select Publications

  • Asa McKercher and Galen Roger Perras, eds., Mike’s World: Lester B. Pearson and Canadian External Affairs (Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 2017)
  • Asa McKercher, “No, Prime Minister: Revisiting Diefenbaker and the ‘Pearsonalities’”, Canadian Journal of History 52, no. 2 (Autumn 2017): 264-89
  • Asa McKercher, Camelot and Canada: Canadian-American Relations in the Kennedy Era (New York: Oxford University Press, 2016)
  • Asa McKercher, “Sound and Fury: Diefenbaker, Human Rights, and Canadian Foreign Policy”, Canadian Historical Review 97, no. 2 (June 2016): 165-94
  • Asa McKercher, “War Made New? Cycles of Revolutions in Military Affairs and Interventions”, in Stéfanie van Hlatky and Hans Christian Breede (eds.), Going to War? Trends in Military Interventions (Montréal and Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2016)
  • Asa McKercher, “A Helpful Fixer in a Hard Place: Canadian Mediation in the U.S. Confrontation with Cuba”, Journal of Cold War Studies 17, no. 3 (Summer 2015): 4-35
  • Asa McKercher, “The Centre Cannot Hold: Canada, Colonialism, and the ‘Afro-Asian Bloc’ at the United Nations, 1960-1962”, Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History 42, no. 2 (2014): 329-49
  • Asa McKercher, “Steamed Up: Domestic Politics, Congress and Cuba, 1959-1963”, Diplomatic History­ 38, no. 3 (June 2014): 599-627
  • Asa McKercher, “Diefenbaker’s World: One Canada and the History of Canadian-American Relations, 1961-63”, The Historian 75, no. 1 (Spring 2013): 94-120
  • Asa McKercher, “A ‘Half-hearted Response’?: Canada and the Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962”, International History Review 33, no. 2 (June 2011): 335-52
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