Graduate Students

Name and e-mail Degree Start Supervisor Thesis Topic
Matt Bowen 
M.Sc. 2018 Dr. Sangalli To be determined
Heather Taylor
M.Sc. 2018 Dr. Vincent To be determined
Flt Lt Melissa Vreugdenburg
M.Sc. 2018 To be determined To be determined
Capt Yevgeniy Mikhyeyev
M.Sc. 2017 Dr. Sabat Surface plasmon imaging of non-homogenous media
Deborah Swanson
M.Sc. 2017 Dr. Krause Modeling of pulsed eddy current response through insulation over pipe for general corrosion detection
Capt Geneviève Tadeson
M.Sc. 2017 Dr. Sabat Fabrication optimization and efficiency increase in organic solar cells using diffraction gratings
Capt Mary Jo Aquilina
M.Sc. 2017 Dr. Krause Detection of cracks in multi-layer aerospace structures in the vicinity of Aluminum fasteners
Maj Giuseppe Ramacieri
M.Sc. 2014 Dr. Wade Semi-analytic modeling of magnetized star formation 
Capt Jamie Leibold
Ph.D. 2018 Dr. Sabat Surface plasmon resonance in circular diffraction gratings
Eanas Awaj
Ph.D. 2016 Dr. Levesque Micromachining of bones and glass (fiber optics) using CO2 and femtosecond lasers 
Capt Craig Williams
Ph.D. 2015 Dr. Levesque Spectroscopy on homemade explosive device with attempts on diluted chemical solutions 
Capt  Lindsay Holmes
Ph.D. 2013 Dr. Spekkens Measuring bar-like flows in CALIFA galaxies
Alex Cushley
Ph.D. 2013 Dr. Noel Ionospheric Tomography Using ADSB-B and Other Signals of Opportunity


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