2022 French Language and Culture Program Implemenation Plan Update

Implementation Update Plan

Recommendation Proposed follow-up and resource issues Responsibility for follow-up Timeframe for implementation of the recommendation
1. Administrative assistant The organizational charter of the SSH faculty confirms that the Department of French Language, Literature and Culture (FLC) and the Department of English, Culture and Communication (ECC) share the administrative assistant.   2017
2. Create an option in French for Anglophone students The FLC Department launched the Minor in French as a Second Language program in fall 2018. In fall 2021, the Dean of the SSH Faculty granted a two-year extension of the provisional status of this pilot program. Director and professors in the FLC Department and Dean of SSH 2018 and 2021
3. Remedy the lack of professors specializing in French-Canadian literature The Department hired Kathryne Fontaine as a MILFAC member in fall 2019. Her contract was renewed for two years in summer 2021. Director of the FLC department and Dean of SSH 2019 and 2021
4. Improve student research tools The pandemic has exacerbated this issue. Principal and VPA Reviewed on an annual basis
5. Harmonize course descriptions In fall 2021, the members of the FLC Department reviewed all FLF course descriptions. They also reorganized the structure of the French language, literature and culture programs. All the proposed changes were approved by the Programs Committee and will come into force in fall 2022.  Director and professors of the FLC Department 2021
6. Recruit Francophone students from French immersion schools No action required Admission and recruitment are not the responsibility of the FLC department.  


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