Administration and Tuition Fees

Fees and Income Tax

Important: The Royal Military College reserves the right to make changes, without notice, in the published scale of fees. If fee changes are approved after publication deadlines, every effort will be made to notify students affected. However, lack of notification does not exempt a student from paying the appropriate fee. Fee increases, if applicable, become effective in the Fall term of each year.


Note: Institutional decisions regarding tuition for individual students may negatively impact students receiving financial aid. Please contact the college's financial aid administrator for additional information.

Thesis, Comprehensive Exams and Project students

Only students who have received formal approval from the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research to transfer to "Inactive Status" (Academic Regulation 5.2.6) by way of a Leave of Absence are exempt from continuous registration and associated thesis fees. All other students must register every term until comprehensive exams, theses, and projects are completed (including corrections) and formally accepted.

When a student would otherwise be financially penalized through no fault on his or her part, the Dean of Graduate Studies may authorize suspense of payments for one term.

Due Dates for Payment of Fees

For students paying full-time fees, term payments are due the thirtieth (30th) day of September (fall term), the thirty-first (31st) day of January (winter term) and the thirty-first (31st) day of May (summer term, if applicable).

Tuition fees (per course) are due at time of registration. Registrations will not be processed without payment.

Note: Administrative fees, Tuition fees, and Policies related to them can be viewed at: RMC Academic Fees

Income Tax Receipts - T2202

Income tax receipts are normally available in February for the previous calendar year. The amount deemed eligible is a deduction for provincial tax purposes and a tax credit according to federal tax regulations. Income tax receipts will not be issued for unpaid balances due to RMC.

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