Interest Only Students

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For those individuals who wish to pursue undergraduate university courses but not commit to an academic programme or, who have already completed their undergraduate degrees and are seeking to add to their academic curriculum, are encouraged to apply as Interest Only Students. 


Applicants must meet one of the following conditions:

  • Be a member, or be an honorably released member, of the Regular or Reserve Forces and have completed basic MOSID (Military Occupational Structure Indication Code) training. CF members who have not completed their basic MOSID qualification may apply with the written recommendation of their unit or formation Commander; or
  • Be an employee of the Department of National Defence (DND), or other Federal government department; or,
  • Be a spouse of a member of the CF.

Interest Only Student may register for courses under the following conditions:

  • Must meet the academic prerequisites specified for each of the courses desired;
  • May only register for 3 courses per term; and,
  • On a space available basis. (Priority is set aside for students admitted to undergraduate programmes). 
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