Mature Students

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A mature student is a person who:

  • is 21 years or older as of the first day of classes of the session for which you have applied;
  • does not meet the minimum academic prerequisites for admission to any of RMC's academic programmes
  • is a Canadian citizen; and,
  • wishes to be admitted under Mature Student Status.

Applicants must also meet one of the following conditions:

  • be a MOSID (Military Occupation Classification) qualified member of the Canadian Forces (CF), including members of the Reserve Forces. Non-MOSID qualified members may apply with the recommendation of their unit or formation Commander; or
  • be an employee of the Department of National Defence (DND), or
  • be a spouse of a member of the CF.

What programmes can I apply for as a Mature Student?

Admission of mature students is limited to the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Bachelor of Military Arts and Science. Mature students who intend to pursue their baccalaureate degrees in Science or Engineering may only be admitted to these faculties once they meet the normal academic prerequisites of their preferred programme of studies and have successfully completed 2 full university courses or have been accredited with the equivalent of 2 full university courses.

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