Programmes Offered

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

The following fields of study in Arts are available, for the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Bachelor of Arts programmes in:

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities offers, through Continuing Studies, a three-year General BA with or without a concentration. This degree is NOT open to ROTP cadets.

Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science offers Bachelor of Science degrees at the Honours, Major, or Minor in:

The Faculty of Science offers, through Continuing Studies, a General BSc degree in a chosen minor in Science (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics or Computer Science), indicated on the transcript, or without a minor. At least 30 credits must be completed. Of the 30 credits, at least 20 must be in Science, and at least 15 must be earned through RMC.

Faculty of Engineering

The following engineering programmes are available through the Faculty of Engineering:

Note that course offerings for the BEng are not available through Distance Learning at this time and completion of this degree requires attendance on site at RMC in Kingston or the completion of some courses at other universities. Please see the Undergraduate Calendar for further information on the Arts, Science and Engineering degrees offered and the Continuing Studies pages for information on the General Science, General Arts and Bachelor of Military Arts & Science degrees.

Bachelor of Military Arts and Science

The Bachelor of Military Arts and Science (BMASc) is a unique degree programme for the CAF, offered through Continuing Studies and is thoroughly grounded in the elements of the military profession.   It integrates in-service training with special and standard university courses.  The programme is designed for the serving military member and recognizes university-level achievement appropriate to the profession of arms. This programme is not open to ROTP or UTPNCM candidates.

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