Admissions - Royal Military College of Canada

Thank you for your interest in pursuing your university studies at RMC.

Undergraduate Studies

Academic Programmes

RMC offers a variety of Bachelor and certificate programmes in;

  • Arts;
  • Science;
  • Engineering.

New Applicants - Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)

The ROTP offers you the opportunity of combining your academic and career goals.  Under the ROTP you will be enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in a military occupation of your choosing and you will begin your military career by completing an undergraduate university programme at RMC, or the Canadian civilian university of your choice.  The ROTP is open to:

  • High school students;
  • College/University students.

Members (and honorably released members) of the CAF, their Spouses and DND Employees

RMC offers a variety of academic programmes and educational opportunities, via Continuing Studies to all serving and honorably released members of the CAF, their spouses, and employees of the Federal Government of Canada. Offerings include:

  • Full and part time academic programmes in Arts, Science and Engineering;
  • Interest Only;
  • Mature Student Status;
  • Subsidized Programmes:  CAF members may be interested in completing their undergraduate degree at RMC through several CAF sponsored subsidized programmes such as:
    • University Training Plan – Non Commissioned Members (UTPNCM)
    • Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP) – Reservists
    • Initial Baccalaureate Degree Programme (IBDP)
    • Continuing Education Officer Training Plan (CEOTP)
    • Any other DND sponsored programmes the CAF may launch from time to time;
  • Visiting Students.

Graduate Studies

RMC offers a number of post-graduate programmes

  • Master's and Doctoral Degrees
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