Your Goal - An Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces

As an officer cadet at RMC, your ultimate objective is to be commissioned as an officer in the Canadian Forces. The professional development and the training you will receive at RMC and at Canadian Forces Schools will prepare you for your diverse responsibilities as a junior officer. Fundamentally, you must demonstrate at RMC the capacity, the competence and the courage to command and lead in an operational theatre, and to look after the lives of your personnel. You must master these principles that Canadian Forces officers use when serving Canada and when performing their command, leadership and other duties:

A general officer ex-cadet of RMC salutes officer cadets in a march past
  • Lead by personal example and place your concerns, well being and comfort after those of your subordinates. You motivate, train and develop those for whom you are responsible.
  • Demonstrate pride in and loyalty to Canada and to the Canadian Forces' leaders, units, personnel and uniform.
  • Conduct yourself with honour, honesty and integrity in all of your activities. Base your decisions on solid moral and ethical values. Allow no discrimination, ill treatment or cruelty, and welcome the strength that diversity brings. Ensure that the activities of your unit and the actions of your personnel are in accordance with the regulations of the Canadian Forces and the Code of service discipline.
  • Be professional and continually improve your competence as a leader through education, training, experience and self-improvement. In combat, fight to win and demonstrate skill, imagination, courage and fortitude. Discharge all your duties in compliance with the regulations and orders of the Canadian Forces, the laws of armed conflict and the appropriate international conventions.
  • Respect and uphold the customs and traditions of the Canadian Forces and of your branch. Honour the memory of those who fought for the freedom of Canada.
  • Believe in Canada. You believe in the rule of law, and in the Canadian Forces as an instrument of the Government of Canada and as representatives of all that is best in Canadian society.
  • Lead the men and women of the Canadian Forces. This is your most fundamental responsibility. It may occur under the most hazardous and demanding circumstances, and may threaten the lives of you and your people. Duty and readiness for risk are at the core of your responsibilities.

Guided by these fundamental principles, you pledge to act ethically and carry out your duties with :

You will be loyal and faithful to your subordinates, superiors and peers;
You act with integrity, truth and candour at all times;
You face all challenges with determination, and strength of character;
You will carry out your duties with dedication, perseverance and competence while striving for excellence.
You treat everybody justly, equitably and without prejudice;
You fully accept assigned responsibilities and the consequences of your actions.

As an officer cadet you must strive to reach this level of professionalism.


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