Resources for students - Revising and editing

This section provides guidelines on how to revise and edit your work in the most efficient and thorough manner. It also explains some of the most common errors in grammar and punctuation, including commas splices, fragments, and faulty parallelism.

  • Revising and Editing (University of Toronto)
    • This page offers very good advice. Editing takes place in stages, and this page tells us to start with the big picture and end with the details.
  • Punctuation (University of Toronto)
  • Fixing Comma Splices (University of Toronto)
  • Faulty Parallelism (University of Toronto)
  • Possessives (University of Toronto)
  • Passive Voice (University of Toronto)
  • A Military Writer's Handbook (Royal Military College of Canada)
    • Consult the "Punctuation" and "Common Errors" sections of this resource. It has clear explanations and useful exercises.
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