SLOWPOKE-2 Facility News

  • Dr. Pavel Samuleev has been appointed as the Interim Director of the SLOWPOKE-2 Facility.
  • The SLOWPOKE-2 Facility at the Royal Military College (RMC) of Canada was commissioned in 1985, to support the operational and research needs of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).  Since that time, the reactor has become a valued instrument for the CAF and a range of other Government Department and international partners. The reactor provides an important capability for the Government of Canada by contributing to the education of CAF personnel, operational readiness, Canadian nuclear and radiological expertise, rapid response for environmental and nuclear forensics analysis, and nuclear emergency response.  Extending the life of the only federally-owned nuclear reactor after 2018 will ensure the rapid response for environmental and nuclear forensics analysis and nuclear emergency response.
    RMC has received an approval for refueling the SLOWPOKE-2 reactor.  Refueling will mean that the education, training, research and technical support provided by the Facility to the DND, CAF, and Canada will continue for the next 30 years.
  • Dr. Katharina Guenther took leave of absence from a position of a Director of the SLOWPOKE-2 Facility.
  • Dr. Katharina Guenther appointed as a Director of the SLOWPOKE-2 Facility.
  • Kathy Nielsen, Director of the SLOWPOKE-2 Facility, retired after 26 years of service.
  • RMC applied to NDHQ for funds to refuel the reactor
  • Two new chillers installed to replace two heat pumps used to cool the pool water
  • SIRCIS control system installed to provide two different speeds for the control rod.
  • CNSC approved operation of Neutron Beam Tube with reactor at full power (License amendment 20.03/2013).
  • New natural gas-fired backup generator dedicated solely to SLOWPOKE-2 installed and commissioned. Old Diesel unit disconnected.
  • 8th shim installed on the SLOWPOKE reactor by AECL staff. Reactivity shimmed to 3.97 mk.
  • New version of the digital control system SIRCIS 2.0 commissioned.
  • CNSC-certified Maintainers replaced control rod assembly and old thermocouples.
  • New reactor deioniser system is installed.
  • New CCD cameras for neutron radiography installed.
  • Pool water deionised system is replaced. A UV light sterilizer is installed to kill bacteria in the pool.
  • Intrusion alarms are upgraded and irradiation transfer tubes replaced.
  • Digital control system (SIRCIS) and fire alarms are installed in the Facility.
  • Scintillation camera introduced into uppermost beam stop of neutron radiography system.
  • RMC opening ceremony for Neutron Radiography System.
  • SLOWPOKE-2 at the RMC goes critical using LEU as fuel.
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