MWM Diesel Generator Thermodynamic Model

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Transportation & Aerospace

Dr. M.F. Bardon , Dr. Azemi Benaissa (Department of Mechanical Engineering)

There is interest within DND in increasing the performance of Diesel engines particularly with regard to improving fuel economy and reducing emissions. The KIVA-3V CFD code from the Los Alamos Laboratory in the United States is designed to model combustion processes in spark ignition, Diesel and gas turbine engines. Modelling allows details of the combustion process to be examined and parametric studies to be carried out.


A simplified model of a generic Diesel cycle engine based on a Ricardo Hydra MkIII D.I. engine has been created. In this case, the KIVA-3V program was used to simulate the combustion process of an engine running at 1200 RPM. The compression and power strokes, including fuel injection and combustion were modelled during the segment of the cycle where both intake and exhaust valves are closed. The results shown here are indicative of the general processes occurring in D.I. Diesel engines.


Diesel engine combustion showing spray injection and iso-surface of carbon/oxygen ratio = 0.5 coloured by temperature (K). This iso-surface represents an experimentally observed limit for soot formation and is associated with the onset of luminosity.

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