Graduate Studies in Materials Science

The Department of Physics and Space Science at the Royal Military College offers MSc and PhD programmes with specialization in Materials Science. Students apply theoretical and experimental techniques in the characterization of electromechanical and optical materials, in non-destructive evaluation and testing, and in optics.

The Department offers a variety of graduate courses designed to prepare students for research in these diverse areas. For students planning to continue studies at the PhD level, thesis-based MSc programs are available. A project-based MSc program is also available.

We have a number of highly qualified faculty at RMC available to offer these courses. Dr. Ribal Georges Sabat runs the Laboratory of Ferroelectric and Optical Materials. Dr. Thomas Krause is an expert in non-destructive evaluation of materials using eddy current and ultrasonic techniques. And Dr. Luc Levesque conducts experiments on the properties and micro-machining of nano-scaled structures using laser.




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