Graduate Studies Programmes of Study

The Department of Physics and Space Science offers graduate programmes for both military and civilian students leading to the degrees of Master of Science (MSc) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the following fields:

Details about programs, courses, and requirements can be found in the RMC Graduate Calendar.

Current and projected graduate course offerings are summarized at the following link:

Current and projected graduate course offerings.

MSc programme:

Admission to the MSc programme normally requires an honours baccalaureate in Physics or a related field.

Two MSc programme patterns are available: a "thesis" MSc which requires at least 4 graduate courses and a research thesis, and a "project" MSc which requires at least 8 graduate courses and a research project.

Exceptional thesis MSc students may be eligible for direct transfer to the PhD programme.

PhD programme:

Admission to the PhD programme normally requires an MSc in Physics or a related field.  The Doctorate of Philosophy degree will be awarded to candidates who successfully complete a programme of studies normally comprised of at least eight courses at the graduate level after the Bachelor's degree, in addition to a thesis.


A large variety of graduate courses at Queen's University are available via the Queen's-RMC memorandum of understanding.


Graduate tuition and activity fees are summarized on the www pages of the College Registrar Academic Fees.


CF members are normally supported through their sponsoring organization. Civilian students must arrange support with the proposed supervisor.

How to apply:

Required Documentation

To be considered for admission to the programme, applicants must provide the following.

  • A completed application form (Online Application form).
  • An official transcript from each post-secondary institution you have attended.
  • Completed Referee Assessment Forms from three academic references. Contact for a Referee Assessment Form.

In addition to completing the Referee Assessment form, referees may also attach a letter of reference or other comments, if they wish.

Normally, Referee Assessment forms and letters of reference should be written by academic faculty. References will also be accepted from non-academic supervisors, commanders and others who are in a position to observe your work and judge on your ability to complete graduate studies



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