Personnel of the Department of Political Science

Professors of Geography

Luciuk, Lubomyr, PhD., Professor
Geopolitics, Ukraine, Refugee Migration, former Soviet Union, Ethnic minorities, Strategic Studies.

Professors of Political Science

Boulden, Jane, PhD., Professor
Canada Research Chair, International Relations.
Chouinard, Stéphanie, PhD., Assistant Professor
Canadian Politics, Public Policy.
Constantineau, Phillipe, PhD., Professor
Political Philosophy, Ancient Greek and Modern Philosophy.
Garnett, Holly Ann, PhD.
Comparative Politics, Canadian Public Policy.
Dizboni, Ali G, PhD., Associate Professor
Comparative Politics, International Relations and Middle East.
Jolicoeur, Pierre, PhD., Associate Professor & Head 
Former Soviet Union, Russia, Caucasus, South-East Europe, Federalism, Ethnic conflicts, Current Strategic Issues, Conflict Analysis
Last, David, PhD., Associate Professor
Peacekeeping, conflict resolution, Canadian government and public administration
Leuprecht, Christian, PhD., Professor
Political demography and demographic change, neo-pluralism, Civil-military relations and military sociology, national-security policy and administration, ethno-political conflict and violence, Liberal-democratic governance and theory, comparative federal and multilevel governance, constitutional governance and theory, Canadian as well as German politics and government.
McKay, James, PhD. Assistant Professor
Strategic coercion, International relations, aboriginal land claims, Contemporary international conflict
Ousman, Abdelkérim,  PhD., Associate Professor
Comparative Politics, International Relations, Africa
Sokolsky, Joel, PhD., Professor
Security Studies, Canadian and American Defence Policies
Young, John D. , PhD., Associate Professor
Strategic Studies, Canadian Foreign and Defence Policy, International Relations, American Foreign and Defence Policy, International Security Organizations.

Military Faculty

Breede, Major Hans Christian, PhD, Assistant Professor
State Capability, Social Capital, Security Studies, War, and International Relations Theory
O'Halloran, LCol Patrick, PhD. 
International Relations, Public Policy 

Professors Emeritus

Affiliated Professors and sessionals

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