Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)

What is the ROTP?

The Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP) gives young Canadians an opportunity to obtain both an officer’s commission in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and an undergraduate degree. The aim of the ROTP is to develop selected young men and women as officers in the CAF in a variety of career occupations.  Successful ROTP candidates enroll in the CAF as Officer or Naval Cadets and attend the Royal Military College of Canada, or Royal Military College Saint-Jean.

Under the ROTP, the Department of National Defence pays for all costs of tuition, uniforms, books, instruments, and other essential fees. Officer and Naval Cadets are also paid a monthly salary (from which mandatory room, board and mess dues are deducted), undergo military occupation training, and if required, second language training during the summer months, and receive full medical and dental care at no cost. Annual vacation with full pay is granted according to CAF regulations.

Officer and Naval Cadets are obliged to maintain satisfactory academic performance throughout the programme. Those who do not maintain a suitable level of academic performance may be permitted to repeat up to one year at their own expense and, if successful, be reinstated to full pay and allowances.

Upon successful completion of the ROTP, Officer and Naval Cadets are awarded a university degree, receive their commission, and become officers in the Canadian Armed Forces. Normally, graduates are obliged to serve for a minimum of five years in the CAF; most pilots are required to serve ten years after graduation.

Officer and Naval Cadets enrolled under the ROTP may apply to release from the CAF prior to the commencement of the second academic year without incurring any obligatory service or financial penalty. Officer and Naval Cadets enrolled under the ROTP seeking release after the commencement of their second academic year are required to reimburse The Crown for all expenses incurred while attending RMC.

The Advantages of the ROTP

  • Completion of a baccalaureate degree in Arts, Sciences or Engineering;
  • Professional military training in a military occupation;
  • Costs of tuition, uniforms, books, instruments and other essential fees are paid for by the Department of National Defence for the duration of a candidate's education; 
  • A monthly salary, less deductions for your room and meals: 
  • A pension plan;
  • Free medical and dental care;
  • Annual vacation leave with full pay; and
  • On graduation, guaranteed employment for at least five years as an officer in the CAF.

What do I choose?

What if I am already a member of the Reserves?

If you are currently a member of the CAF Reserves and would like to apply for the ROTP you may do so by applying on-line for a Component Transfer (CT). Please note that the online application for Component Transfer is only available through the DWAN. Please contact your unit for more information.

Once the application has been properly submitted, processing and assessments will be done by your local Recruiting Center and selection will be done along with all other ROTP applicants. It is important for Reserve members to submit the application as soon as possible and to read the appropriate instructions pertaining to CT. If you have filled and submitted an online transfer request to the ROTP on the DWAN and your application remains unacknowledged after two weeks, please contact the CMP DMCPG Element Transfer Section at NDHQ in Ottawa by email at to follow up on your request.

ROTP Application Deadline - 31 Jan

Please note that the online application for Component Transfer is only available through the DWAN.

How to apply for enrolment in the CAF under the ROTP (admission to RMC):

All students interested in pursuing full-time undergraduate degree programmes offered at RMC must start their applications online through the Canadian Armed Forces’ website by selecting ‘Apply Now.’ Applicants are encouraged to start their application in September of their final year of high school. The deadline for applications is January 31st of the year of enrolment. Depending on availability and screening requirements, applications submitted after this date may still be considered.

Information concerning the application process can be obtained from any Canadian Forces Recruiting Center (CFRC) at 1-800-856-8488 or at the Forces' website  by selecting the ‘Find a Recruiter’ tab.

  1. Applicants should indicate when they apply that they are interested in the ROTP.
  2. Applicants will receive an email from CAF Recruiting confirming the application has been received and is being processed.  Candidates will receive further instructions with the next steps of their application process. 
  3. Applicants are encouraged to check your spam folder on a regular basis for information from Recruiting.
  4. The deadline for application for ROTP is the 31st of January.   For further information please contact Canadian Armed Forces Recruiting or call 1-800-856-8488.

Application Deadline - January 31 - Depending on availability and screening requirements, applications submitted after this date may still be considered.

ROTP Selection Process

By submitting their application, applicants are applying for full-time employment with the CAF, and attendance at RMC becomes part of their professional development as future officers in the CAF. The goal is to provide exceptional education while developing students to refine their leadership capabilities in a holistic approach to military education.

Eligibility and Selection

Since an application to the ROTP is also an application to RMC and RMC Saint-Jean, a candidate must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident;
  • Be 16 years of age, by the 1st of January of the year of enrolment (with parental/legal guardian consent);
  • Possess the necessary academic prerequisites for admission;
    • an assessment of a candidate’s top six most recent marks related to the requirements of their chosen programme; or,
    • gain unconditional admission at a Canadian university.

All ROTP candidates are required to complete the following through their local CFRC:

  • An aptitude test
  • A medical examination
  • An interview

Applicants are evaluated on two fundamental criteria:

  • Military Potential. The Military Potential score is based on the assessment of an applicants’ Aptitude Test, Personality Traits, and the choice of the proper occupation.
  • Academic Performance Potential. This will be assessed by the Admissions Office at RMC. This is an assessment of a candidate’s top six most recent marks which adhere to the admission requirements for their academic programme of choice.
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