Visiting Students

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If you are currently completing a university and college programme at another Canadian university or college and wish to register for courses offered by the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC), you may apply for admission as a Visiting Student.  Except where a formal exchange agreement exists between RMC and your home institution, you must provide a letter of permission from your university/college in order to be approved for registration in a course given by RMC.

What courses can you take as a Visiting Student?
As a visiting student you may enroll and complete any course that you can show that you meet the academic prerequisites of the course you intend for register for, if prerequisites are required. As a Visiting Student you cannot take courses other than those that are pre-approved by your Home institution. Students must ensure that they get proper permissions so that credits earned from RMC can be transferred to their original University.
Am I guaranteed Admission as a Visiting Student?
Visiting students are allowed to register for courses on first serve first come basis and space may be limited. RMC will ensure that there is space available in the course that you want before you are admitted to the University as a Visiting Student. All courses offered through Continuing Studies have limited enrollment and all registrations require approval from Continuing Studies prior to admission as a Visiting Student. If there is no space available in the course of your choice, you will be contacted as soon as possible.
Do I need to re-apply as a Visiting Student?
Yes. Your letter of permission is specific to a certain course and you are admitted to RMC only for the semester for which you are attending the course.
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