RMC - 2017 Joining Instructions

The Royal Military College of Canada

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  1. The Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) is located in Kingston, Ontario, on the site of one of the most strategically important sites of the War of 1812, the Kingston Naval Dockyard. Here, as they have since 1872, Naval/Officer Cadets receive military, academic, athletic, and second language training over four years, leading to a commission as a Second Lieutenant/Acting Sub-Lieutenant in the Canadian Armed Forces and an undergraduate degree in one of the three academic fields of study: Arts, Science, or Engineering.

Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School (CFLRS)

  1. Unless you are a serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces who has been granted a Prior Learning Assessment waiver, you will be required to attend Module One of the Basic Military Officer Qualification (BMOQ) Course at the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School (CFLRS) at St-Jean Sur Richelieu, Quebec, South of Montreal. Details will be provided to you by your Recruiting Centre or Detachment. Please see the  CFLRS Joining Instructions which compliment these instructions. All rules and regulations are applied in both institutions. The requirements for your arrival at RMC after BMOQ are detailed below.

The Memorial Arch Parade (26 August)

  1. Training at RMC commences with the Memorial Arch Parade on Saturday, 26 August 2017 at 1400 hrs, when the new ROTP Cadets march through the Memorial Arch to ceremonially mark their entrance into the Canadian Military Colleges. Upon successful completion of the ROTP program, the graduating Fourth Year Cadets will march out through the Memorial Arch, signifying their completion of ROTP and their entrance into the operation Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army or Royal Canadian Air Force. Your family and friends are both welcome and encouraged to attend. You will have the opportunity to meet with your family and friends prior to the Arch parade; however, there will be no time to see them or hand off personal items after the parade. There is an invitation attached to these joining instructions for you to share with your family and friends.  (see map)
  2.  ALL College Militaire Royale de St-jean(CMR), Component Transfer (CT) and Royal Military College of Canada Officer Candidates will participate in this parade and will report properly dressed in CADPAT or NCDs to the Kingston Military Community Sports Center (KMCSC) at 1200 Hours on the day of the Parade, Saturday, 26 August 2017.
  3. All of your kit and personal equipment MUST be brought to the KMCSC with you. You will be directed to your quarters to drop off your kit and equipment prior to the parade. Cadets coming from BMOQ at CFLRS St-Jean will be transported directly to the KMCSC, arriving at KMCSC at 1200 hrs, 26 August 2017.

First Year Orientation Program (FYOP)

  1. The First Year Orientation Program (FYOP) is your introduction to life as a Cadet at RMC and is a demanding, memorable experience. You will learn everything that you need to know to function as a Cadet in the Training Wing, from how to lay out your kit for inspection to who Brucie is to the Old Eighteen. During this period you are likely going to be getting your first taste of university life. As well, for some Cadets it is your first exposure to learning a second language.
  2. FYOP will commence with a parade on the RMC parade square at approximately 1430 hrs on 26 August immediately following the Memorial Arch Parade and culminates with the badging ceremony during the Memorial Weekend in September. Again, family and friends are welcome and encouraged to attend the first parade. Please note that following the parade there will be no opportunity to interact with family as you will commence training immediately.
  3. If you are married and joining RMC as a First Year Cadet you will have to be away from your family for the duration of FYOP, and you must plan accordingly. You will be required to reside 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the RMC Campus. Applications to “live off” as a married Cadet will not be entertained until the completion of FYOP. Permission to live off is not guaranteed, being dictated by a number of factors including your academic and military training performance and your conduct. You must have any personal or administrative issues dealt with and a Family Care Plan in place before you depart for training..

Collège Militaire Royal (CMR) St-Jean Cadets

  1. CMR St. Jean Cadets who are joining RMC following their Preparatory Year, will report to their assigned Squadron between 0800-1200 hours 26 August 2017. After clearing into your room and storing your kit and equipment, you will participate in the traditional Memorial Arch parade at 1400 hours 26 August. The dress will be CADPAT or NCDs.
  2. CMR OCdts who have completed their Preparatory year will take part in the FYOP program.
  3. CMR Students who completed the two year program will report to their Squadrons as Second Year Cadets. If you have any questions, please present yourself to the KMCSC between 0800-1200 on 26 August 2017.

Component Transfers (CT) / Previous Military Service

  1. If you are a Cadet with previous CF Regular or Primary Reserve Force service and have been granted a waiver to exempt you from Module One of the BMOQ Course at CFLRS St Jean, you will be posted by Enrolment or Transfer Posting (ETP) Instruction to RMC. You will report to RMC directly no later than 1200 hours Saturday, 26 August 2017.
  2. You will conduct in-clearance and be kitted during the FYOP Schedule with your classmates and participate in both the Memorial Arch and FYOP parades on 26 August. It is imperative that you clear out of both your Reserve unit and Base Clothing Stores as soon as possible and well in advance of arriving at RMC so that your clothing docs can be closed. If not, you cannot be issued some of the items you require for training as the CAF Supply System will show you as still having those items in your possession.
  3. All DEU Clothing and environmental clothing and equipment that are not required to be returned by your specific unit will need to be brought to RMC. You are advised to order anything you need from your Logistik account as soon as possible to ensure that you have it in hand prior to your arrival. Your daily dress will be DEU 3B with Oxford shoes. You will require other DEU items, such as ankle boots, as part of your kit layout.

Required Documentation

  1. The following documents MUST be brought with you to both CFLRS and RMC. Please note that this list may not be exhaustive and that you MUST bring both the ORIGINAL documents as well as photocopies of all documentation to expedite the In-Clearance process. Please ensure that both sides of cards and papers are copied: 
    1. Leave Request Authorization. You will be given a Leave Request Authorization (form CF 100, known as a “leave pass”) from your Recruiting Centre or Detachment or your Reserve unit Orderly Room. There are important instructions on the back of the CF 100 form telling you what to do in the event you get sick or are injured on the way to your training.
    2. Personal Emergency Notification (PEN) Form. You will be required to fill out a PEN form upon your arrival at both CFLRS and RMC. In the event of an emergency, these are the first people you wish to have contacted. Ensure you bring with you the full names, complete addresses and telephone numbers for both your primary and secondary Next of Kin. If your Primary or Secondary next-of-kin lives in a rural location, it is often helpful to bring a print-out from an Internet map showing exactly where their home is located.
    3. Social Insurance Card.
    4. Birth Certificate. If you were born outside of Canada, bring your Certificate of Canadian Citizenship or Certificate of Naturalization instead.
    5. Provincial Health Care Card. For Cadets coming from the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, you must bring your provincial health care card in order to have your policy and premiums cancelled.
    6. Vaccination Booklet:
      1. The Royal Canadian Medical Service (RCMS) is responsible for maintaining your health. Immunization is a safe and effective way to protect against many infectious diseases that could otherwise cause serious illness or, in some cases, death. Living and working in a military environment, at home or abroad, can significantly increase your risk of developing certain infectious diseases compared to a Canadian civilian. In addition to routine vaccines such as tetanus, the Canadian Armed Forces provides vaccines that protect against diseases to which you may be exposed on specific deployments.
      2. Most Canadians receive their basic immunizations in childhood or as an adult from their local public health department or their doctor. It is very important that these past immunizations are documented in your Canadian Forces Health Record. Without adequate documentation of previous immunizations there is no reliable way to determine if you are protected against many vaccine-preventable diseases. Without your past record, you will have to be re-immunized, even though this might mean receiving vaccine injections that could have otherwise been avoided had adequate records been provided.
      3. The RCMS strongly urges you to take every effort to obtain your civilian immunization records from your local public health department and/or your doctor.
      4. If you have a vaccination record, give it to your instructors on your first day of classes. All ETP and Reserve Integration Training Program (RETP) students must bring a copy of their vaccination record, obtained from their Reserve Unit.
      5. Your immunization record must have been prepared by your local public health unit or your doctor. Only applicants registered at RMC full-time in September will receive vaccines. Fax your immunization record to the community health nurse at 613-541-4991 no later than 1600 hrs July 24, 2017.
    7. Prescription Glasses/Contact Lenses. You must bring your eyeglass and/or contact lens prescription. It is also strongly recommended to bring a second pair of eyeglasses. Please note that photochromic or “Transitions” lenses that darken or lighten in response to light and mirrored lenses are not permitted for wear with Canadian Armed Forces uniforms at any time.
    8. Security Clearance Form. All Cadets MUST complete a Security Clearance Request form BEFORE reporting to CFLRS or RMC. You will be given a form by your Recruiting Centre or Detachment or your Reserve unit, as applicable. To fill out this form, you must have the following information available to you: 
      1. Names, dates, and places of birth of natural or adoptive parents of your parents and those of your spouse/common-law partner (as applicable), as well as their employers’ names, addresses, and phone numbers.
      2. Your home address(es), and list of employment and employers for the past 10 years. You must account for all periods of 30 days or more.
      3. Names, addresses, and home and office telephone numbers of three individuals (not family members) who can serve as references.
      4. All the addresses you provide for the last 10 years must include, with precision, the apartment number, street number, street name, civic number, city, province or state, postal code, country, telephone number, and the dates of residence for each places. If you need help with the form, consult your Recruiting Centre or Detachment or your Reserve unit Orderly Room.
    9. Certified Copies of Diplomas. Cadets must bring a final official transcript of marks, for high school, college, CEGEP, or university studies completed up to the end of June 2017. For high school students, the transcript MUST indicate that they have graduated from high school. Cadets who fail to provide proof of meeting the academic admission requirements for admission to RMC may be released from the Canadian Armed Forces.
    10. Copy of Lease (if applicable). Candidates who are married or in a recognized common-law relationship and who either own or rent a residence must show proof of their mortgage or lease and/or provide copies of your most recent utility bills.
    11. Birth certificates (originals) for your children, dependents and spouse (if applicable).
    12. Your original marriage certificate or original affidavit respecting your common-law relationship (if applicable).
    13. Original certificate of separation or divorce (if applicable).
    14. Original proof of name change (if applicable).
    15. Proof of change in medical status (if applicable).
    16. Reimbursement of moving expenses (DND 1654), provided by your recruiting center (if applicable).  

Kit, Equipment, Clothing, and Effects

  1. Recruits attending BMOQ must review the CFLRS Joining Instructions for specific civilian clothing and equipment you are required to bring with you. You will require the same items at RMC and CMR.
  2. First Year Cadets do not require an extensive civilian wardrobe during their first semester at RMC. It is best to minimize the clothing and belongings that you bring as you are not permitted to have civilian clothing in your room during FYOP. Jeans are NOT PERMITTED for First Year Cadets at any time.
  3. You may be moving across the country and will need to bring additional clothing, possessions, etc. You will be provided secure storage for your belongings when you arrive at RMC. Ensure boxes and bags that you wish to be stored are labelled clearly with your full last name and last three digits of your service number.
  4. You are strongly encouraged to purchase “Renter’s” or “Content” insurance to cover your personal effects in the event they are lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair as the Crown will not cover such losses. This type of insurance can be purchased through an insurance company of your choosing and is available through the Canadian Forces Base Exchange System, CANEX. 


  1. RMC First Year students are not permitted to park their Personal Motor Vehicles anywhere on CFB Kingston, including the RMC Campus and the RMC Cadet Parking Lot.  First Years will not be issued a parking permit. Any Vehicle found illegally parked on DND Property will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense and the owner may be subject to disciplinary or administrative action.

Banking Information

  1. You will be paid bi-monthly on the 15th and the last day of each month. Your pay will be deposited into an account of your choice, so you MUST have a bank account and provide a voided cheque from that account or ask the teller at your bank for the information for direct deposit information including the bank transit number, institution number, and account number.
  2. Kingston is served by all major Canadian banks as well as credit unions. There is a BMO ATM on the RMC Campus for those who may need cash. Be advised that additional bank charges will apply if you do not use BMO. Make the necessary arrangements with your bank prior to leaving home for training.  


  1. We recommend that you bring at least $200 to cover unforeseen expenses during the arrival procedures.

RMC Emergency Contacts

  1. In the event of an emergency while en route to RMC, please contact: 
    1. the Travel and Claims Clerk at (613) 541-6000 extension 8785 (between 0800-1600 hours Monday - Friday); or
    2. the Duty Field Officer at (613) 453-5007 (between 1600 - 0800 hours Monday - Friday and on weekends).

School Address

  1. Please direct any mail to the following address: 
    Royal Military College of Canada
    PO Box 17000, Station Forces
    Kingston, Ontario CANADA
    K7K 7B4
  1. It is important that you follow these instructions in order to smooth your transition into the military family. I look forward to meeting you in August.

C.C. Renahan
Commanding Officer Training Wing
Director of Cadets

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