Acoustics and Oceanography

The Department of Physics and Space Science at RMC has a number of highly qualified people who carry out research in a broad range of oceanographic fields.

Arctic Research

Dr. Jennifer Shore is undertaking a study of the Hudson Bay region as part of a nationwide network of finite element and volume modellers. The project is designed to provide highly resolved 3D estimates of hydrology which will serve as the foundation for further acoustic studies. This project is part of a network MITACS proposal.

Remote Sensing

Dr. Ron Vincent studies Arctic remote sensing, specializing in sea surface temperature algorithms for Arctic waters and marginal ice zones.

Numerical Ocean Modelling

Drs. Michael Stacey and Shore both specialize in numerical ocean modelling. Dr. Stacey has spent many years studying inlets, primarily on the west coast of Canada, and has also been funded to study the circulation in the northeast Pacific Ocean. His work includes the use of Argo float profile data and a novel spectral nudging data assimilation scheme. Dr. Shore is currently studying eddy energy sources for their formation and translation along the coasts of British Columbia and Alaska.



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