Graduate Studies in Space Science

The Department of Physics and Space Science at the RMC offers MSc and PhD programs with specialisation in Space Science. At RMC, students study theoretical, experimental and observational aspects of Space Science: from space mission analysis, mission and payload design, remote sensing, satellite tracking, ionospheric physics and space weather, and astronomy and astrophysics.

The Department offers a variety of graduate courses designed to prepare students for research in these diverse areas. For students planning to continue studies at the PhD level, thesis-based MSc programs are available. A project-based MSc program is also available. Historically, project MSc patterns based on our "space operations" course structure (space mission analysis and design, satellite communication and navigation, remote sensing, astrodynamics, spacecraft mission geometry, space weather I, space law and policy) has been a popular choice for students planning for careers in mission operations or space policy.

The Department is home to 6 faculty specializing in Space Science: Dr. Joseph Buckley (radar backscatter, Radarsat I & II), Capt. Aralt Mac Giolla Chainnigh (theoretical radio astrophysics), Dr. Jean- Marc Noel (ionospheric physics and space weather), Dr. Thomas Racey (satellite tracking using small optical telescopes), Dr. Kristine Spekkens (galaxy dynamics and evolution) and Dr. Gregg Wade (optical stellar astrophysics, stellar activity and magnetism).




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