Undergraduate Arts Programmes

The Royal Military College of Canada, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, offers eight undergraduate degree programmes and a Minor in Military Arts in both English and French. The subjects in the curriculum are selected for their value to future officers in the Canadian Armed Forces.

The eight undergraduate arts programmes listed below have a high proportion of time devoted to mathematics and science. Students pursuing an Bachelor of Arts not only gain knowledge relevant to their field of specialization while eight exercising their cmndn and critical thinking s kills, but they also examine situations from a military perspective and become aware of contemporary and global issues. A key component of the programme is using examples based on real-life experiences of young officers on operational deployment.

The Minor in Military Arts is an interdisciplinary minor, awarded to students enrolled in four-pillar Science and Engineering degrees recognizing the unique value of the Royal Military College of Canada core curriculum. These are the requirements for the minor in military arts.

The links below will connect you to web pages containing the requirements and the course descriptions for the undergraduate programmes leading to a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) or Bachelor of Arts.


Undergraduate Arts Programmes

Minor in Military Arts

The Minor in Military Arts will include eight (8) credits of which two must be senior level (300/400). It will be structured as follows:

Mandatory courses (3 credits)

Optional courses (5 credits)

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