Faculty Directory of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Faculty Directory

Professor and Department Head

Name E-mail Extension
Dr. Manish Jugroot  Manish.Jugroot@rmc.ca 6174

Professors Emeritus

Dr. Mike Bardon
Dr. Pierre Bussières
Professeur Ernst Eder
Dr. W. Craig Moffatt
Dr. John G. Pike

Assistant Professors

Name E-mail Extension
Maj. Sylvain Graveline sylvain.graveline@rmc.ca



Name E-mail Extension
Dr. Asad Asghar asad.asghar@rmc.ca 6354
Dr. Peter Jansen  peter.jansen@rmc.ca 6488
Maj (ret'd) Tom Chalovich tom.chalovich@rmc.ca 6622
LCdr (ret'd) Trevor Davies trevor.davies@rmc.ca 6622
Mr. John Davies john.davies@rmc.ca 6488
Mr. Andy Fitzgerald andy.fitzgerald@rmc.ca 6622
Mr. Bill Lewis lewis-w@rmc.ca 6614
Ms. Ladan Momayez ladan.momayez@rmc.ca 6977


Name E-mail Extension
Maj. Dave Holsworth david.holsworth@rmc.ca 6853
Lt (N) Greg Clarke gregory.clarke@rmc.ca 3557

Other staff

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