Graduate Studies in Acoustics and Oceanography

The Department of Physics and Space Science at the Royal Military College offers a MSc and PhD programme with specialisation in Acoustics and Oceanography. At RMC, students study the fundamental equations used to describe acoustic propagation in the ocean and analyse the performance of passive and active acoustic systems. Fourier analysis and signals processing form the basis for much of the acoustical analysis.

RMC offers two graduate level courses focussed on introducing students to the study of acoustic problems in the ocean (Acoustics Propagation And Modelling, and Acoustic System Analysis) which are offered in conjunction with a number of courses which lay out the fundamentals of dynamical and synoptic oceanography as well as remote sensing.

We have a number of highly qualified faculty at RMC available to offer these courses. Dr. Richard Marsden specializes in field studies in the arctic, focussing on polynyas and the implementation of acoustic Doppler current profilers. Dr. Joseph Buckley is an expert in remote sensing and radar backscatter. Drs. Michael Stacey and Jennifer Shore both specialize in numerical ocean modelling and are focussed on studies in the Northeast Pacific. Dr. Stacey has also spent many years studying estuaries on the west coast of Canada and Dr. Shore is branching into Arctic studies using finite volume numerical codes.




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