Graduate Studies in Acoustics and Oceanography

The Department of Physics and Space Science at the Royal Military College offers an MSc and a PhD programme with specialisation in Acoustics and Oceanography. At RMC, students study the fundamental equations used to describe acoustic propagation in the ocean and analyse the performance of passive and active acoustic systems. Fourier analysis and signals processing form the basis for much of the acoustical analysis.

RMC offers two graduate level courses focussed on introducing students to the study of acoustic problems in the ocean (Acoustics Propagation And Modelling, and Acoustic System Analysis) which are offered in conjunction with a number of courses which lay out the fundamentals of dynamical and synoptic oceanography as well as remote sensing.

RMC faculty involved in oceanography and underwater acoustics include Drs. Ron Vincent, Jennifer Shore, Dan Shan and Don McGaughey.  Dr. Vincent has operational experience as an Acoustic Sensor Operator on the CP-140 Aurora and served three years as the Research Officer at the Acoustic Data and Analysis Centre in Halifax.  He has a strong research program that focuses on Arctic waters using satellite remote sensing data.  Drs. Shan and Shore have ongoing collaborations with DRDC-Atlantic assisting with research in Naval Mine Countermeasures. Dr. Shan is an expert in numerical coastal ocean modelling and has provided DRDC-Atlantic with high resolution hydrographic model output to assist with their field studies in Halifax Harbour. Dr. Shore studies the local water system around CFB Trenton and is currently teaching the undergraduate oceanography courses offered to the upper year Science and Engineering students. Dr. McGaughey is an expert in sonar signal analysis to estimate ranges to high speed underwater targets.
Our highly qualified RMC faculty are enthusiastic in offering oceanography and underwater acoustics training to CAF members. They have the flexibility and operational knowledge to meet the requirements for personnel embarking on graduate studies. A list of our graduate courses is available at from the Registrar's OfficeDr. Vincent, who is the graduate studies coordinator for the department, will be happy to answer any queries.




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