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Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP) - Reservists

If you are currently a member of the CAF Reserves and would like to apply for the ROTP you may do so by applying on-line for a Component Transfer (CT) and submitting the application to D MIL C.

Once the application has been properly submitted, D MIL C will advise the member and the member's Reserve unit and will commence processing the application with the appropriate Canadian Armed Forces Recruiting Centre.

Once the assessment has been completed the Recruiting Centre will in turn advise D MIL C of the candidate's eligibility and suitability for ROTP.

It is important for Reserve members to submit the application to D MIL C as soon as possible and to read the appropriate CF MIL PERS INSTR pertaining to CT.


Please note that the online application is only available through the DWAN.

  • CF Military Personnel Instruction 03/08
  • Application for Component Transfer - (cmpapp.mil.ca/dgmc/en/selection/component-transfer-form.asp)

University Training Plan Non Commissioned Members (UTPNCM)

The UTPNCM is CAF officer production programme designed to develop, as officers, selected NCMs:  

  • Who have demonstrated excellent leadership potential;
  • Whose job performance and personal qualities are indicative of officer potential; and,
  • Who meet the academic credentials to succeed as officers in the CAF.

The UTPNCM programme is offered annually and normally announced in August. Regular Force Non-Commissioned members interested in the UTPNCM should consult their Base Personnel Selection Office (BPSO) to obtain all the current required information and to familiarize themselves with the application process and eligibility requirements. Members should familiarize themselves with CFAO 9-13 and the current UTPNCM competition message. UTPNCM applications are submitted through the unit chain of command and CO's recommendation and approval is required.

Admission to RMC

To minimize the requirement of ‘cost moves’ current NDHQ policies direct that UTPNCM candidates are expected to first seek and gain admission to Canadian universities within their current geographical area.  As such, attendance and acceptance at RMC is neither required nor encouraged.  However, when there is no university within the member`s geographical area, and where a cost move to a post-secondary institution is necessary, a candidate may apply for admission to RMC and if admitted, may be authorized to attend RMC.  

NCMs applying for the UTPNCM and wishing to complete their undergraduate degrees at RMC must apply for admission to RMC as part of their UTPNCM application process. 

The RMC of Canada no longer issues letters of acceptability.

Initial Baccalaureate Degree Programme (IBDP)

The aim of the IBPD is to assist serving officers in attaining an initial undergraduate degree in accordance with the guidelines found in Officership in the 21st Century.


To qualify for reimbursement under this programme, an officer must:

  • be serving in the Regular Force and have completed the Basic Military Officer Qualification or equivalent;
  • not hold a baccalaureate or higher degree;
  • not be attending a full-time, subsidized degree Programme of study;
  • be in receipt of pay and allowances;
  • have an approved Individual Learning Plan (ILP) (available on the Canadian Defence Academy inter/intranet web site); and,
  • successfully complete an undergraduate degree credit course, started after 1 September 1999 and completed by the end-date of current funding (end FY08/09), offered by a recognized degree-granting institution.

RMC through Continuing Studies offers degree Programmes such as the Bachelor of Military Arts and Science to facilitate and recognize military training as part of an undergraduate degree.

Continuing Education Officer Training Plan - CEOTP

The CEOTP recognizes the requirement for a degreed Officer Corps, while at the same time addressing critical shortages in certain officer occupations. The Plan is intended to draw from a broad demographic of candidates who are otherwise qualified for service as officers, but who lack a degree, such as community college graduates, permitting such individuals to be enrolled and commissioned in the Regular Force (Reg F). As part of the enrollment conditions, candidates commit to completing their degrees prior to being offered a re-engagement, while the Canadian Forces (CF) will provide the required support to permit candidates to fulfill the degree requirement. Candidates shall complete the degree requirement within their Variable Initial Engagement (VIE) or current terms of service.

All applicants: Regular Force NCMs, officers and NCMs in the Primary Reserve, and civilians, must have at least a high school diploma in an academic Programme leading to acceptance at a Canadian university in an initial degree Programme that meets Canadian Forces (CF) requirements.

The CEOTP is a competitive application plan.

An applicant to the CEOTP may be a:

  • Civilian with or without prior CAF service;
  • Regular Force NCM;
  • Regular Force officer transferring from another officer enrolment plans; or
  • Reserve Force officer or NCM.

Individuals interested in applying for the CEOTP and pursuing their university studies at RMC should read DAOD 5002-6 CEOTP and CANFORGEN 203/11 CMP 101/11 071747 Nov 11 Continuing Education Officer Training

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