Frequently Asked Questions for UG students

Q: Where can I find the Application for Admission – Undergraduate Studies form?
A: The RMC Admissions application form can be obtained by sending an email to Please include your SN, Rank, Name, Unit and personal address in the text of your email.
Q: Who do I contact for questions related to my programme of studies, course registrations, financial information etc.?
A: Go to Contact DCS, locate and contact your programme representative.
Q: How do I get my Student Summary?
A: For DCS undergraduate students, your Student Summary can be obtained through the College Information Management Services; click on Academic History tab and Download my full academic summary. If you don't have an account, please contact RMC Support to obtain one. Grades are usually released four weeks after the end of the semester.
Q: Where do I find the Important Academic Dates?
A: Go to UG Important Academic Dates
Q: Who should I contact about Prior Learning Assessment?
A: For questions regarding Transfer Credits and Prior Learning Assessment (Undergraduate) please send an email to
Q: Who do I contact for issues related to examinations?
A: For all issues related to examinations, contact the exam coordinator at 613-541-6000 ext 3855, CSN 271-3855. You can also email the coordinator at
Q: Who do I contact for Official Transcripts?
A: Please contact
Q: How do I get a receipt from Finance?
A: Receipts for reimbursement of tuition fees or for income tax are available through the College Information Management Services; click on the Finance tab.
Q: At the end of the semester, how do I get the Class Material List for reimbursement purpose?
A: The Class Material List is available on the College Information Management Services; click on the Academic History tab. Click on the icon beside the pertinent course code.
Q: Where can I obtain my course textbooks?
A: Once registered in a course, the Course Material List is available on the College Information Management Services; click on the Textbooks tab. All books are available for purchase at The Campus Bookstore at Queen's University ( or by fax (613) 533-6419 / Tel (613) 533-2955 or 1-800-267-9478. It is at the discretion of the student to purchase the textbook at Queen’s or somewhere else except for the Readers. Readers are available exclusively at Queen’s bookstore. It is ultimately the student's responsibility to ensure that he/she obtains the textbooks required for a course.
Q: What does it mean when the Campus Bookstore at Queen's University website mentions that for a given textbook, the quantity available is "0"?
A: For DCS undergraduate courses, two to three months before the start of a semester DCS requests the Campus Bookstore at Queen's University to "adopt" a specific number of textbooks, meaning that the Bookstore orders a specific number of copies of the textbook from the publisher. When a larger number of students register for the course, the Bookstore may be short on books, in which case the availability shows "0". However, the student should not assume that the Bookstore is unable to provide the textbook; instead, the student should fill out the order form and send it to the Bookstore. The Bookstore will then find a textbook for the student. The student will be advised if the Bookstore expects problems in obtaining the textbook. Once the Bookstore has a copy of the textbook it typically takes 2 to 3 business days to send the book to a location in Ontario, and 5 business days for a location outside Ontario. For overseas locations, timings vary greatly depending on the country. If you have any concerns regarding your order, you can email the Bookstore at to obtain more information. Note that for Readers, an availability of "0" is of little concern, as it normally takes 24 hours for the Bookstore to obtain an extra copy from the Printer.
Q: How do I submit my assignments?
A: For all regular UG courses, the method for submitting assignments is via your RMC Moodle course. By submitting through your online course, the date of submission is automatically recorded and the assignment is automatically directed to your instructor. If you don't have a Moodle account, please contact Support ( to obtain one. Do not send your assignments directly to your instructor. See the online Guide to Undergraduate Distance Education under "Assignments"
Q: Where can I get the DCS course timetable?
A: Go to the current UG Course Offerings for Distance Education
Q: Where can I get the RMC Table of Credit Granted?
A: Go to the RMC Table of Credit Granted
Q: How to get Library Services?
A: All UG RMC students, including those registered as Visiting or Interest-Only students, have access to all learning resources and documents available online through the RMC Massey Library. Please contact or 1- 866-677-2857 to request access to it.
RMC students also have borrowing privileges at certain other universities with whom RMC has an agreement in place. To use these borrowing privileges, please fill out the Inter-University Library Borrowing Card Application form available on the College Information Management Services under the Documents and Forms tab.
DCS students located in the vicinity of Kingston can contact the RMC Massey Library to discuss borrowing privileges.
Q: Where can I get information about the tuition fees?
A: Go to RMC Academic Fees
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